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Location O'Fallon, MO
Date Posted July 10, 2019
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


ITSM - IT Service Management Process Engineering.  There is a tool that Client uses, called Remedy, his team is responsible for processes within remedy.  This role is around change management and service request management.  Emphasis is on the change management side of things.  They own the process that Client uses and they have to govern process to make sure Client is using it the right away.  Rely on metrics and reporting and look at that data to determine whether or not teams are following process correctly.   

Both collaborative and heads down environment.  Individual contributor type of role.  200 changes a day and has to review all of those.  Has to go through these change requests in Remedy which is heads down.  Larry needs someone who is able to interact more with the team, bring ideas (outside perspective).  Need someone with ideas and innovation and outside experience.  Collaboration - Want someone who will fit in well with culture.  Resource in India and STL.  Working well with rest of team will be important.  IT can be intense at times in the amount of changes they get (200 changes every day) when someone on the team is out (sick/holiday) need someone to be flexible to shift hours and come in earlier or stay later to cover (depending on staffing needs).  Not a frequent thing, but may happen if India has a holiday.  May need them to help out.  Most of the time is just US business hours.  It is a lot of work and some of it is tedious, looking for someone accepting that and good opportunity to get foot in the door.

Focused on change management

Have a daily cab (change advisor board)  Has a lot of exposure.  This person will help cab meeting.  Team reviews all changes in queue for the next 1-3 days.  Every day at 8am CST they go through from 150-200 changes.  100 people on the call.  Can be a lot of demand in this role.  Have to prepare for that report during cab.  Produce report of all changes, go through changes, if they determine all processes follow correctly, go through and approve changes, once approved, another team will go ahead and implement change in production. The approval process happens every day after call.  Have to go in every single day and approve, looking to save a lot of time for the future.  Looking in remedy tool for changes being submitted, review changes to make sure they attach right documentation and they received proper approvals, to take to Client's production environment.  We also work on work orders in Remedy.  Hoping they will get more efficient on change.  They work on work orders.  How to create and routed to correct times.  Govern processes, if they see a whole of cancelled work orders (why is this team cancelling work orders).  A big aspect of job is people skills and reaching out to other teams, talking to other teams on how to better use the tool and process we have in place. Every remedy ticket as far as change goes, they review.  They look at data the number of work order's created by what teams. Are there a lot of tix that are left in an open space.